Our Vision is to restore the authentic church community found in the Book of Acts.



Our Mission is to evagnelize and disciple people right where we live and to plant more churches in as many places as we can. ​​​​​​​

Our Values

There is nothing ordinary about the life Jesus called us to live. When you come to AuthentiCity you will meet people who are:


1. Authentic 

2. Humble

3. Relational

4. Caring

5. Passionate

6. Selfless

7. Generous


For almost 20 years, Jimmy and Catie have served as members, vounteers, and on staff at some of the biggest most recongized churches in America. Despite these churches literally having it all...they still felt something was missing. 

Those churches had all the resources your could ever want for big productions and entertaining programs for the whole family. But it still seemed to fall short of meeting the deepest need to experience the amazing love and awesome power of Jesus Christ within a community of people who were fully committed to follwing Him no matter the cost.

During those  years a question really bothered Jimmy:  why don't the lives of many Christians today display the same power and glory of God that we see in the early church of the first century?

In 2015, Jimmy and Catie began earntly praying for God's direction on how He wanted them to join the mission of Jesus to build His Church on earth. They felt Holy Spirit leading them to start a home Bible study and then apply to become full-time missionaries with the North American Mission Board. 

Their goal was to start a church in their home community that would be all about on thing: Jesus Christ.  They spent a long time thinking about what it would like to be an Acts 2 church in today's world and how to aovid becoming a church that chases attendance, buildings, and cashlow. They deeply desired to be a part of church community that authentically follwed Jesus as the Lord of their lives and resembled the powerful simplicity and passionate devotion, which Luke highlights in Acts 2:42-47.

In 2016, AuthentiCity began holding worship services, but struggled to find a place to meet in North County San Diego. Despite having a suitable location for famiies to gather weekly AuthentiCity grew to baptize 23 believers in their first two years.

In 2019, not far from where their first Bible study began, God provided a great new location to grow a Bible preaching Christ-centered church where people can truly encoutner the living Jesus Christ, have their lives renewed by His Word and His Spirit, and experience authentic community.