Use your gifts & passion to serve one another!


Viewpoints is a time where we respectfully gather to discuss different viewpoints on Biblical topics. 

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1st Tuesday of the month   |    6-8pm


Our bodies are the temple of the living God when Jesus Christ is our Lord. We train them together to be healthier - we believe that "Helathier makes everything better!"


Come develop the winning mind, heart, and body of a champion while having a lot a fun training in a small, private gym in RSF.


Classes are one hour:  boxing/kickboxing drills, body weight exercises (push-up, sit-ups, pull-ups, lunges etc), jump rope, running, and stretching.


Classes are: 

Mondays & Thursdays 6-7pm


We’ll add classes based on demand. 

Email us to request an open gym time & more classes! 


Join us Sunday mornings to nourish your soul with the living & active Word of God. 

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Sundays  |  10:30am


Do you actually love your neighbor?


House2House is an intentional opportunity that get's YOU outside of your box & growing God's kingdom, God's way...


With Acts 2 as our inspiration,

"So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from HOUSE 2 HOUSE, they ate their food with gladness & simplicity of heart..." Acts 2:46


Start the House2House movement in your neighborhood today. All you need is a willingly glad heart & a little simple hospitality.


Text "House2House" to 858.997.0757 or click "Sign me up!" below to get started today.


The Lord is the only One who can truly RESTORE our souls, so we gather to meet with Him in His Word. This is not your average Women's study, this is for the woman who's ready to take a serious stand to follow Jesus & order her life accordingly. For the first 5 weeks we're going to study & practice getting our lives in the free & beautiful rhythm of the Sabbath.


Wednesdays   |   10am  


Not your typical marriage ministry coming soon...